If you manage multiple sites in Edicy, then in order to jump from one site to another, you always had to switch into editing mode where the site switcher is. From now on, site switcher can also be found in full admin-screens. Just click on "My Sites" icon in Settings panel and a list of other sites slide out waiting for you to pick one.

Along with this small release we also improved the invoices screen to give better overview of what you have paid us for. And last but not least, we made admin views slightly lighter to make them more readable.

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  • Thomas Mar 24

    Very nice. Tks...

  • Tõnu Mar 25

    Thomas, many tiny but important changes that you requested are also done, fixed. So we are waiting for more ideas, contact us :)

  • khadizakhatun Feb 01

    We have ranked over 100 listings over the last 1 /2 years and we will continue to do so for our clients. We have over 10 resellers that provide our services with a A+ satisfaction rating. Our techniques work and we adjust accordingly when we have to. Send us a client to try us out and watch the rankings get higher, we can assure you we’ll gain your future business. Thats a SSA guarantee!

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