Very soon Edicy will be ready for the wider public, this means that we have a lot of challenging new tasks and the need to expand our team. So we’ve gone ahead and added many new open job positions this week. Place of work can be either Tartu, Tallinn or the comfort of your own home.
What kind of people are we looking for? Apart from the usual idealistic desire for the world’s best men and women, we have a few helpful hints too.

We seek a good attitude. Desire to be part of an exciting team. Wish to build a product with potential. Self motivation to study the cutting edge of web technologies. And then, of course, we are looking for knowledge and experience. Being motivated isn't enough as we can't afford the time to teach you yet. Better come and teach us.

If none of the listed positions — designer, software developer, user interface developer, project manager — suits you, but you would be great in some other field we have unmanned, just let us know.

Interested? Tell us about your achievements, your ideas, your virtues. Show us why we should hire you. Start by sending a mail at

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