Our small team has worked almost constantly during the last month. And now we can finally relax for a second – Edicy has been launched! Yes, Edicy. It’s the brand new name for our core product – the unprecedentedly easy-to-use web-editor.

We are happy, satisfied and completely exhausted :) More info soon, we’ll take a rest for a short while. Until that—browse around Edicy’s site, take the tour and sign up in the public beta’s waiting row. All your questions are welcome!

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  • Zahhar Kirillov Mar 28

    Congratulations! I am really looking forward too see Edicy and feel its mighty editor, as the idea behind it is just amazing. Hope you will have a little bit of spare time to introduce innovative ideas behind Edicy here in your blog as well as promote RoR in general among Estonian web developers. I wish good luck and prosperity to Fraktal team!

  • Tõnu Mar 29

    Big thanks for the support and kind words (: As you know it's the fountain of motivation for the start-up teams and we really do appreciate it. Of course we acknowledge that those little bits of information we have provided so far about Edicy, are just too few. Even for understanding what he hell actually is Edicy? So, a lot more "behind the scenes" information is going to be blogged here. Piece by piece.

  • Sven Apr 01

    Congrats! But how come your own website looks much better than your product's?!

  • Tõnu Apr 02

    Well, I think you just stumbled upon the April Fool's Day prank, Sven :) Now it's nice and clean again.

  • Sven Apr 03

    Damn! I want beta invitation for that! ;)

  • brasiu Apr 16

    Congratulation! I would like to try the beta version

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