Today, a major facelift to the Estonian largest newspaper, SL Õhtuleht was released. The whole process from start to finish took just a little more than one month. We designed and coded it with the hands-on-method — instead of long months of analyzing and planning, we started at day one of the recieving of the assignment.
Last few weeks of the process was implementing, testing and debugging, so the main creative period took just a few weeks. Oh damn, I love having those quick, powerful and creative side projects that take place parallely with Edicy development. Refreshing it is.

Of course, we aren't happy with the killing amount of ads either, but thats politics...

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  • rj22 May 30

    The problem is not with the commercials. The text flow is not that great - But the core problem is with the pictures/images which are placed very badly indeed. They bombard the viewer/reader one after the other as it is with - take a contrasting look with or with, for and for the next time you design even look at the newsoftheworld or the sun website, and you will see that even the cheaper newspapers do not need to over use imagery as you have done or the chaps at have choosen to do.

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