Today our servers had a blackout for several hours. While switching between normal and generator power, power was lost in part of the server room. Now we're fully recovered and back online. We sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience!
Every issue we have at hardware level makes us stronger against problems that might interrupt us delivering all this Edicy-goodness. But... this time it did not matter that we've already put a lot of effort into building a failover system that reduces downtime and data-loss risks when one of our servers dies and others can quickly take over. Since they're all living at same co-location today, they also drink the same electro-juice. This is the next important thing for us to look at.

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  • Mika Tuupola Jul 14

    Just out of interest. Did you ever consider Amazon EC2 instead of own hardware?

  • Priit Haamer Jul 15

    Yes Mika, we have considered EC2 but it's not problem free either. So we'll probably stick with the physical hardware for some time.

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