Today, we released an update of Edicy into the wild. It combines lot of bugfixes and refinements with some more complicated and more fundamental changes in backend system we’ve done during the last couple of weeks. I’m glad to say that this release brings us a huge step forward to public beta.

With this release we already had some fun time by optimizing Edicy’s performance by following YDN-s best practices for speeding up website. By applying just some of these simple rules, Yahoo YSlow’s performance grade raised from F to D.

Another notable change for those who’s still on beta invite waiting list—creating accounts for you is now fully automated so we can work more efficiently by delivering some Edicy-goodness.

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  • Mario Frade Apr 20

    Is there a beta version of a new Edicy available? How can I join in?

    Mario Frade
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Tõnu Apr 20

    Mario hey! You stumbled upon an old post, it's from 2008. Edicy is open and waiting for your signup at front page. Join in, you are very welcome!

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