Face it – whatever business you’re in, having a home page is inevitable. Having a good home page, however, can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to do. GLOG home designs and sells house-building plans for non-builders - house plans so easy to understand, anyone can use them. An article published in USA described our services as “making home-building about as easy as putting together an IKEA bed frame”. 

GLOG home webpage

As our plans do not require specialized printers or programs, we sell our products via our homepage. All you need is a PayPal account to pay for the plans and a printer to print out the downloaded documents. That’s it!  After getting the plans, you can start building your own home. 
But for all of this to work properly, you can’t get pass a decent home page. Your product or service can be the best there is, but if your homepage is not easy to navigate, doesn’t look good or has some other fundamental flaws (in short: your homepage stinks), you can forget about any kind of business. 

The reason we turned to Edicy is quite simple: they know, what they are doing. Obviously, you could always hire someone to manage your home page for you, but then again – how often do you actually need to modify your homepage? Once a week at best? Outsourcing is also an option, but seeing as different company’s like to charge the service to the max, that was out of the question for us. 

Building the homepage from scratch was also not an option - we have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, but not nearly enough to build a new website.
Edicy, if I may, has done most of the dirty work for you, so all the coding, design, and structure is up there for the taking. And you need not worry – in my opinion, it is all top of the line and your only concern is creating content and adding photos. In addition, as Edicy offers several templates to choose from, the variety of choices is more than enough.  

The most important thing for us is that once the site is up and running, the management of it is remarkably easy. Adding photos or changing content can be done with only a few clicks. So in short, Edicy has given us a way to focus on our products and sales, not on our website management.

George Zhordania works at GLOG home, a customer of Edicy.

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