Edicy is a brilliant tool to build custom websites with. A number of web agencies, developers and designers already use Edicy for this purpose. The latest convert is Velvet Creative Alliance, one of the most renowned digital media agencies in Estonia.

Velvet Creative Alliance

Velvet is a multi-talent powerhouse that consists of 8 different teams, doing everything creative from graphical design to rethinking customers' companies. 
Pärtel Vurma, the managing partner of Velvet's web division Digital Paper explains the decision behind the move:

"The main driving force behind our work is user experience. Edicy has proven itself as one of the most user friendly tools out there for web content management. Add to the equation their accessible and super friendly customer support and we are sold."

Team of Velvet Digital Paper

For softer landing, the developers at Paper first imported a small existing website from a legacy CMS to Edicy. Now, after building sites like Elektriinfo and Salasõna from scratch on Edicy, we can say a proper hello to Velvet guys.

Hello! :)

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  • Teet Parts Jan 09

    Another great example of Velvet's work: omaasi.com/en.

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