Yes, it's been a while from our last reading list as summer has taken over more or less. Still, we have dug some noteworthy stuff to cheer about.

Tools you need

  • uiFaces – get your sample avatars for interface design.
  • Moot – easy-to-add forum for your site.
  • ubooq – let your user book with an ease.
  • TowTruck  – allow easy collaboration on your website.
  • Litmus – test your e-mails in real-time.
  • Site44 – Dropbox folders into websites, just like that.

Inspire yourself

  • Sidr – get your side menus and turn menus responsive.
  • Drublic blog – tips on how to make your site more printable.
  • Riak – open source clouding, private or public.
  • LivIcons – animated icons that amaze.

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