Finally we have really taken off, we are public, we are out in the wild. The last week has been a real rush. I'm writing these lines after a crazy long night of fixing and tweaking. Oh, we are satisfied, even though it's just the start and so much more is still to be developed.
What are the brand new features this week?

  • Basic domain registration
  • Easy to understand link tool
  • Multiselect feature in file upload
  • Much anticipated preview mode
  • Design switch finalized
  • Automatically resize large images

Also we have updated our website again. Meet the team -- About us and see some Examples of Edicy at work.

All of you who consider yourselves our friends are welcome to join us the Public Beta Party this Friday. By the way, don't bother understanding the movie behind the ad -- you'd get it only if you lived in Tartu...

I'm gonna get some rest now :)

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