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Hope this newsletter finds you in a good summer mood with wind in your hair! We've been busy adding new applications, creating better language options, and making sure your website is a success so that you can find time for a vacation.

Thanks for your support!
Team Edicy

In this issue:

  1. New Edicy features: better publishing, content areas and statistics

  2. Website of the month: Château de Fléchères

  3. Greet new team members: Pierre and Arlene add flavour to Edicy
  4. Jet setter Edicy: Holland, Poland, UK, Spain, Finland

1. New Edicy features

The current method for saving content was a bit cumbersome until now. We replaced the confusing "publishing on/off" button with a good old "Save" button. Don't worry, you can still draft the contents on the page before publishing it. If you forget to save your edits, Edicy does it for you automatically every 30 seconds.

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Aside from better publishing we've created better content areas and better statistics. You may not have noticed, but they're there working for you like good little elves.

2. Website of the Month: Château de Fléchères

Can't we all just getaway to Fléchères, the largest château open to visitors in the region of Lyon?  Built in 1606 and preserved to perfection. Catch a glimpse of what grandees life was like in the 17th century.

This website was created in France using Edicy tools and awaiting your visit: http://www.chateaudeflecheres.com

3. New team members

In April, Pierre from France joined our team. He's Edicy's "French Connection", dealing with everything from translations to marketing there. Pierre is a film, music and culture enthusiast and therefore greets you with a rare animation suggestion: The King and the Mockingbird, a French animated movie made by Paul Grimault in 1950.

In May, Arlene from the USA and Taiwan jumped on board with Edicy. She's our product manager who will take Edicy to a new level of usability and coolness. Arlene invites you to a typical Estonian bonfire party Jaanipäev or Midsummer's Night on June 23rd, the shortest night of the year.  It's an ancient tradition to celebrate the longest day of the year here in the Nordics.

Now we are looking for a software developer. Apply if you are one.

4. We're traveling!

We've been traveling and showing off Edicy a lot lately. Amsterdam in April, Krakow and Reykjavik in May. London, Valencia and Helsinki next week. Drop us a line if you'd like to organise an Edicy meetup with us : )

In addition, Edicy gave presentation at Innovate! 2010 event in Tallinn – a global competition to identify top technology, media and communications startups from around the world. Check out Tõnu at the Pitch Slam.

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