Today we are very proud to announce the release one of the most important new features in the last weeks: domain registration.
As of today you can purchase different domains without leaving Edicy even for a moment -- that means you can create your own website and publish it to in just minutes! For us it is a huge leap towards a one-stop web-editing experience we'd like Edicy to be and we relly hope you'll enjoy it. Log in to your Edicy account and try it out now.

While most of the team worked into late hours to complete the domain registration, our QA team managed to find some extra time to squish some minor bugs from previous releases submitted by you, Edicy users. Keep the feedback and feature requests coming!

Complete release notes:

  • Domain registration
  • Link tool improvements
  • Order history
  • Improved toolbar for better page loading
  • Improved text editor to decrease page load times
  • Improved long file and article name handling
  • Improved on-site translation
  • Fixed site picker for IE
  • Fixed video embedding tool multiple URL handling
  • Fixed empty content areas for Firefox
  • Fixed asking password when changing user email

Replies to this post

  • Erkki Pung Nov 11

    Kas ja millal laieneb see ka .ee domeenidele?

  • Martti Nov 14

    Tere Erkki! Kuna .ee domeene on võimalik registreerida ainult Eestis registreeritud organisatsioonidel ( ei ole võimalik .ee domeene automaatselt registreerida. Küll aga on lähitulevikus plaan lihtsustada .ee domeeni avalduse esitamist Edicy keskkonnast.

  • Seling Nov 20

    Ma tahaks küll mtüle teha webilehte aga senini oleks teil vaja veid täpsemaid konsultatsioone,mis teil siin maksab ja kuidas teha.

    kena leht tundub küll olevat.
    P.s lisage enamus euroopa keeli .

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