It's been baking in the oven for some time already. Today i'm happy to announce that our Template API is finally ready to hit the public. This documentation will provide all reference material you need to customize everything of your site design. Template API is just a section of our new developer mini-site, so you can expect more topics for developers to be relased in near future.
It makes me wonder that there's already many Edicy users who have customized their sites' design without any support or documentation available. We assume that it's just not that difficult if you feel yourself at least slightly comfortable in writing HTML. But now here's finally something for you guys who didn't want to spend time doing guesswork and blind-programming.

Ready to start customizing? In your site editor, just go to "Design" view and click on "Customize current design" button. Log in and try it out!

And as a self-admirerer i find it also worth mentioning that putting together such documentation site with Edicy was just a fun and games :)

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  • Archi Dec 12

    Brilliant! Now, just get form-to-email in place and we're rolling...

  • Tõnu Dec 12

    Hi Archi! We are planning to release ticketing / form system beta version in the end of December!

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