Spring 2013 update
Hi there!

We’ve been busy making Edicy a better app during the last few months. You can now enjoy upgraded blogging, improved galleries, updated file management and fresh new power user tools for developers and designers.  

Here's a quick overview of the most important new features:  

Adjust user roles.  

Site owners can now be coupled with editors — users who build content without the distractions of billing, domain and tech issues. Learn more

Tag blog posts.

This has been topping the list of most requested features in Edicy for some time. And now it’s here, tag all your blog posts

Add titles to gallery pics.

Not only can you now add titles to the photos in your galleries, we’ve also rebuilt the whole photo and file management. Speed and usability! 

Manage domain settings.

Those more tech-savvy of us can now take full control of the domains names and manage their DNS settings.

Buy a unique design for your website.

Do you need a specific functionality, layout or site structure but you don’t find it from our default design themes? Don’t worry —  you can order any kind of custom website from our growing list of partners.  

Check it all out yourself

One more thing — power user tools.

A number of European web agencies and design freelancers use Edicy for building some pretty advanced websites for their customers. Making life easier for them is one of our main goals and therefore we’ve released a completely rebuilt template code editor along with a developer site with lots of useful information on it.

Talk soon!
Edicy team

If you have any questions, visit our help section or contact us at support@edicy.com.