As you can see we’ve updated our website! was getting a little outdated and in preparation for our eventual launch we decided to freshen it up a bit.  Naturally it was easy to do since the entire site is running Edicy.  
We’ve got a slightly new design and added this blog to our site.  We previously had a blog on our Fraktal site but decided to move everything to one place.  Edicy is also now open to more users, you can easily sign up for it by clicking the “Start your site now” button on the homepage.  We’re not ready yet to say that we’re launching because there are a number of major features that are still coming up but we’re comfortable opening up a little bit more.  We’ll probably have more changes to the site like a support section and a section about us in the near future so stay tuned.

We also decided to add a public Skype chat for anyone to contact us, whether it’s for feedback or for help or just to say hello.  If you want to contact us feel free to click the link below and join the chat. Chat hosted by andres.sehr.

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Chat about what's on your mind.More about public chats.

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