Today marks the first release of a version of Edicy.
Today marks the first release of a version of Edicy, it’s still in its infancy and requires a lot of hard work before we introduce it to the world but this is the important first step.

  • Added first Edicy core functions.
  • Added user authentication with single-user mode.
  • Added multi-language environments to web editing package.
  • Added ability to change active language environment in admin interface.
  • Added showing 404 page when page is not found.
  • Added userstamp plugin.
  • Added extra tag creation.
  • Added extending pages with new content.
  • Added language tags for layouts.
  • Added relation between page and layout.
  • Fixed inability to click on editable areas, if they are empty.
  • Fixed test editor toolbar not shown correctly in Safari browser.
  • Fixed toolbar from getting resized when dragging it close to right side of element.
  • Removed buttons that didn’t work.

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